Custom Identifier

Custom Identifiers are a great way to mark unique fields on your form that can be referenced later. Some examples of customer identifiers may be an email address, employee ID, invoice number, student ID, a patient record number, order ID, or account number.

Setting Up Your Custom Identifier

To establish your Custom Identifier field you'll want to open the Form Extras settings on your form by clicking the "Form Extras" button on the top toolbar in your form builder. Using the drop-down you can see any field on your form that can be used as a Custom Identifier. Custom Identifiers can only be set from email fields, phone number fields, numeric fields, or short answer fields. If you want to keep track of a submission record based on the email address entered in the entry step of a workflow, select that email field as the 'Custom Identifier'. If you want to use an account number to track a submission, a number or short answer field could be selected.


Viewing the Custom Identifier

Once your Custom Identifier has been set up you'll be able to see and access it in several places around Formstack.

Submission Table
If your Custom Identifier is set up before you start to collect submissions, you will be able to see it as the first field in the submission table. If you set up the Custom Identifier after you have collected submissions on your form you will need to edit your Table Settings in order to see it on the submission table.


Email Settings

You Custom Identifier can also be sent in emails subject lines or copy as extra information. Go to your form's email settings and drag the Custom ID extra into your form's subject line. This can be extremely helpful to inform users on the submission information they're receiving or helping users identify what Workflow they're being assigned to.



If you have access to the Workflows add-on or are participating in a workflow process, Custom Identifiers can been seen in Workspace. Under the Workflow form, you will see the Customer Identifier next to the Workflow submission number. In the image below, the email field was set up as the Custom Identifier on the form.


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