Looking for a place to see all of your assigned Workflow tasks? Look no further than your Formstack Workspace. Workspace shows you all of your assigned tasks from Workflow forms and easily let's you complete them in one place.

Accessing Your Workspace

If you have the Workflows add-on enabled in your account, you can access your Workspace by clicking on the "Workspace" tab in the top navigation of your Formstack account. You can also enter your Workspace by clicking on the "Visit Workspace" button in your Workflow assignment email.


Once inside your Workspace you'll see any assigned tasks on the left-hand side. These tasks are sorted under their Workflow form and are named by their Workflow number and Custom Identifier field.


Completing Your Assigned Tasks

To complete an Assigned Task, first click on it. The Workflow form will populate on the right-hand side. You can enter your information in your form here and then click submit. You can also select the blue "Open Form" button to complete the task outside of Workspace in your internet browser. Once your task is complete, the next assigned task will automatically appear on your screen.


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