Deleting Forms or Submissions

Are you running low on space? Did you receive a notification that you're about to hit your storage limit? If so, you can easily remedy this by freeing up some room in your account through form or submission deletion.

Before you delete your forms or submissions, note that there are two types of deletion, Soft Delete and Hard Delete.

Soft Delete - When you delete a form or submission from the app, that information is placed in a soft-delete queue for 7-days in case you change your mind and decide to restore the deleted information.

Hard Delete - This is when data is permanently removed from your account. This process happens automatically after the 7-day soft delete period. If you need your data hard-deleted sooner than 7-days, please reach out to Support Team and submit a hard delete request.

Do I need to do anything before requesting an immediate hard delete?

Yes. Please make sure you delete the form(s) or submission(s) on your end first. Once you've done that, submit a hard delete request ticket and provide the following:

  • Hard Delete Forms
    • Last 4-digits of the credit card on file in your account
    • If you only want select form(s) to be hard-deleted, provide the URL of those specific form(s)
    • If you want all of the soft-deleted forms to be hard-deleted, simply acknowledge that you're aware that this data will be permanently removed from your account
  • Hard Delete Submissions
    • Last 4-digits of the credit card on file in your account
    • URL of the form(s) where the submission(s) was deleted from
    • Note: Since we're unable to select which submissions to delete, all soft-deleted submissions from the form you provided will be hard-deleted

I changed my mind, how can I restore my deleted form/submission?

To recover a soft-deleted form, simply click the Deleted Forms tab in the Forms section of your account. From there, select the form(s) you'd like to recover, click the Move To option, then select the folder where you want to save that form in.

If you have requested that a form or that submission be hard-deleted, those will be unrecoverable. 


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