Workflow Logic

Workflow Logic allows you to route your form forward or backward in your workflow process based on how the form is filled out and completed.

For example if you have a workflow for employee reviews. If the employee is granted a pay raise by their manager the form needs to go to the HR team for approval. If the employee is not granted a pay raise, the form can skip the HR approval process because of Workflow Logic.

Add Logic to Your Workflow Form

To add logic to your workflow form you will first need to navigate to the Workflow Editor. You can get to the Workflow Editor by clicking on the Workflow tab in the upper left-hand corner of the builder on a Workflow Form.


When in the Workflow Editor select the step of the form where you want to add Workflow Logic. Logic will run after this step of the workflow is completed. Once you've selected a step you can select the Logic tab of the step.


In the Logic tab you will see that there are two types of Workflow Logic that you can set up here.

Send a workflow form backwards

When in the Workflows Logic tab of a Workflow form step, you can select the "Allow participant to 'send step back' to the previous step" option. This will give the participant who is completing this step of the workflow form that ability to route the form back to the previous participant.


When a participant has the ability to send a form back to the previous participant they will see a link at the bottom of their step of the workflow form. If the user wants to send the form to previous user they can select this link and will have the ability to enter in a comment on why they are sending to form back to them.


When a form is sent back to a previous participant, that participant will receive an assignment email that contains the comments from the participant who initiated sending the form backwards. The previous participant will then see the workflow form, with the previously submitted information populated, in their Workspace to be completed again. The workflow process will be then routed forward based as normal.

Sending a workflow form forwards or completing a workflow

When in the Workflows Logic tab of a Workflow form step, you can also route a form to skip future steps of the workflow process or mark the workflow as completed based on how fields are submitted. Use the bottom section of the Logic tab to select the field you want the logic to be based on. Then select the rule the logic should be based on and finally select the future step you want the form to route to if this rule is met. You can also select that you want this form to be marked as completed if the field mets the rule you have set. 


Please note the following limitations:

  • Workflow Logic will only route forms to future steps of the workflow based on how a form is submitted.
  • You are not able to route a form backward to Step 1 of a workflow process.
  • Forms can only be routed by one rule at a time. You are not able to combine rules with AND or OR statements. 
  • Rules are listed in priority order. For example, if form submission meets two rules the top rule will dictate the routing.
  • In order to use Step Logic, your form must have one of the following fields: radio, checkbox, dropdown, number, date/time, or event/product.
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