The Survey setting allows you to create a survey that displays one question to submitters at a time without having to go through the trouble of adding a separate section for each question to make a standard form be multiple pages.  

Creating your Survey

You can either choose to make a survey be One Question at a Time upon initial creation by choosing the specific type of "Survey" or you can toggle this setting on for existing forms via Form Extras within the Build tab. 






When enabled, each field added into the survey will appear on a separate page one at a time without any additional setup being required.


Welcome & Submission Messages

These messages can be added to the beginning and end of forms and can be a great way of inviting and thanking a participant for their time.  You can access these in Settings > Welcome & Submission Messages and full details on setting these up can be found here


Previewing Your Survey

You can preview your one question at a time survey by selecting the view option on the survey builder screen and selecting one of the options for the drop-down menu.

When previewing your survey you can select one of three options:




Tablet View: This view will display the survey in landscape orientation.



Mobile View: This view will display your survey in portrait orientation.



Web Browser View: This view will display your survey in a new browser window. 



Please note that embedding a form with the Survey setting enabled is restricted to the iFrame embed only. Due to the form structure, our JavaScript embed code is not compatible with One Question at a Time.



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