Field Security

It is now possible to enable additional security options at the field level within Formstack! Using this feature, you can restrict data for specific fields from being accessible to all users, prevent data from being included in notification emails, mask the data as it's entered by the submitter, and also require the submitter confirm the information in a second field to ensure it's correctly entered.  

Note: This feature is only available on the Short Answer field type.

To get started with this feature, select the field you'd like to secure within the Build tab and click 'Enable Field Security Features' in the field options along the left of the page:




Field Options

You'll then see a window pop-up showing the available security options:



Hide Input Characters: mask the characters entered by the submitter as they are entered. 


Remove Data from Email Notifications: data collected in fields with this option enabled will not be included in emails. 

Require Confirmation: force the user to re-enter the data for this field to ensure it matches the initial entry. 


Restrict Access to Submission Data: allows admins to grant/revoke access to the data collected in the field to other non-admin users. 



When the 'Restrict Access to Submission Data' option is enabled for a field, that data can only be accessed by admins and those with the proper permissions enabled for that form. You can adjust these permissions by going to My Profile > Users & Groups or going to Settings > User Access within individual forms. 





When that access is not enabled for a user, they'll see the below message for that field when viewing submissions:


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