With the ProPay integration, your end users can seamlessly process their credit card transactions right on your Form. Once the transactions have processed you can collect these funds in your ProPay account.

Note: The ProPay integration is currently a Pilot Feature and not available on all accounts. Please reach out to support if interested in gaining access. 

To integrate your Form with ProPay, go into the Form and click on Settings > Integrations > Payments > ProPay >  and click "Add" next to the integration. From here you can click the 'Settings' icon to launch into the ProPay setup. 




If you have an existing ProPay account. 

Enter your Account ID in order to connect and configure the integration.

Note: You can find this number on your ProPay dashboard in the section under ‘My Account’.



If you do not have an existing ProPay account.

Click 'Sign Up Now' button in the middle of the page.


Fill out the required information to create your ProPay account on each page. Click 'Agree & Sign Up' once complete to create your account. You will receive an email from ProPay with a temporary password. Before you can use the integration you must login to your account at to complete your account setup and pay for your account. Until then, your ProPay account will remain in ‘Pending’ status.

Note: If you receive a message that states "Success! Your ProPay account has been created, but additional information is needed.”, further account verification is required and a ProPay representative will be in contact in the next 48 hours. To expedite this process please fill out and send this form to

Configuring the ProPay Integration

Note: Unlike other Formstack integrations, changes made to settings are not automatically saved. Ensure to click the 'Save Changes' button at the top right of the page before leaving the screen when making adjustments.

Transaction Information

In the Transaction Information section, you will configure three fields: Item Description, Price, and Quantity. 

Item Description is a free text field that allows you to set a description for what the charges are for and Price/Quantity will be mapped to fields on your form. 

Note: Unlike other payment processor integrations, Quantity must be mapped to a field on your form. If the quantity will always be '1' we suggest adding a hidden number field to the form with the default value of '1' to be used here. 



Payment Information

Here you will map the credit card field you've added to your form to send that data to ProPay for processing. The invoice number of your charges in ProPay will be the Unique ID of your submissions created within Formstack.



HIPAA Compliance

In order to use ProPay on a HIPAA account, you will need to sign a BAA with Propay. Please email to get this done.


Error Handling

Here you can decide if you’d like to allow the submission to be captured if the integration fails. Note that if this option is checked, credit card data will not be captured.

The Integration Error Email Recipients field is required. Here, you will need to enter an email address that you’d like to use to receive error emails if the integration fails. If you’d like to have these emails sent to multiple email addresses list them on one line and separate them with commas.




ProPay Customer Support

If you need to speak directly with a ProPay representative you can call 800-630-8115 during their business hours (Mon-Fri, 8:30am-9:00pm Eastern Time) or you may email


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