Formstack Password Best Practices

Password management is rarely described as fun.  However, in today’s age, you can never be too careful.  It can feel that there are nefarious hackers hiding around every corner.  Worry not though, we have put together this best practices guide, which if implemented, can help keep you safe in today’s digital age. (If you've forgotten your password, you can click Here to reset it)


Use Unique/Random Passwords

Your Formstack password should be unique to only this account.  This means you should avoid using the same password between your email, operating system, bank account, and other third-party service providers.

There are password management applications (like 1Password, KeePass, or LastPass) you can utilize to dynamically create and store completely random passwords for your accounts.  These ultra-secure passwords are great for making sure you are not using them on any other service providers.

Enable Two Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication can help guard accounts and data from hackers. This highly effective safety precaution measure requires you to input a PIN that gets sent to you via SMS or app. Consequently, two-factor authentication protects from stolen passwords and prevents an external person from accessing systems and accounts.


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