Enterprise: Problem Management and Escalation Process

Formstack's commitment to our customers

Formstack is committed to delivering high-quality products, services, and support to our enterprise customers and partners. In the event that you need to escalate a case, our senior technical staff is ready and available to help you effectively address your issue.

Formstack has implemented an escalation management process to keep you informed of your escalated case status every step of the way. A manager within Enterprise Support is assigned to every escalation to address and/or oversee the case. The manager will work with you to evaluate your situation, facilitate the issue at a global level, and act as an advocate on your behalf. 


  • Consistent, worldwide problem resolution process
  • Formal action planning process
  • Specific roles and responsibilities for Escalation Team members
  • Active customer participation


  • Efficient problem resolution
  • Improved communication


When should an escalation be initiated?

An escalation may be warranted if you are not satisfied with the level of service you have received, or want to emphasize the urgency of the problem. 


What is the process for escalating my case?

To escalate your case:

  1. Contact Formstack through the Formstack Support Portal using the email address associated with your Enterprise Formstack Account.
  2. When connected to Technical Support, please ask for the Tier II service team.
  3. Have your case ID available to help us quickly identify the case owners.
  4. Advise the Tier II service team of the situation, including what actions you are requesting Formstack take, production dates or deadlines that may be adversely affected, and any other anticipated business impact if the case is not promptly addressed.
    • The Tier II service team will assess the situation and determine if the needed actions are in the scope for him/her to perform, for example, the arrangement for a Technical Support Engineer callback or moving the case to an advanced Support Team or Development.
    • If the needed actions are out of scope for the Tier II service team to perform, the Tier II service rep will assign the case to a Support Manager, who will be your Support Delivery Manager, Critical Situation Manager, or Business Critical Account Manager, as appropriate.
    • At this next level, the Support Manager partners with the Formstack Technical Support Engineering team and your organization to drive resolution of the technical issue. The Support Manager will manage communication and feedback between all parties.
    • The Support Manager will maintain the momentum needed to address your issue in a timely manner. The Support Manager will engage executives within Formstack, as needed.

What can I expect during an escalation?

You and your assigned Support Manager will collaborate and develop a communication plan. Where applicable, we will work to develop a technical plan of action with you to address the key technical issues.

The Support Manager will update Formstack internal stakeholders, including your Account Team and Formstack executives, on the status and progress of your case. Your assigned Support Manager serves as your primary advocate within Formstack and will become an essential key member of your problem resolution team.

What criteria does Formstack use for closing my escalation?

An escalation will be considered closed if it meets one or more of the following requirements:

  • The plan of action has been completed.
  • The initially agreed upon objectives have been achieved.
  • A reasonable period has elapsed without problem recurrence.
  • The escalation has been reviewed and an agreement has been reached to downgrade the case severity level.
  • You have agreed that the issue is addressed.
  • Formstack has determined that the issue cannot or will not be resolved and this has been communicated to all parties.

Escalation Team key roles and responsibilities

The Escalation Team is a Virtual Problem Management Team of Formstack specialists, including the following technical and management staff:

Tier II service team

  • Entry point to the escalation process.
  • Responsible for ascertaining the business impact of the case escalation request, based on the information you provide.
  • Acts on the case escalation request.
  • If sustained management involvement is needed, assigns the escalated case to a Customer Success Manager. 

Support Manager

  • Your primary advocate during the escalation process.
  • Communicates the overall action plan to you.
  • Focuses on customer satisfaction.
  • Recruits additional resources, as needed.
  • Obtains approval for the action plan.
  • Works to ensure that all parties are informed throughout the escalation. 

Technical Support Engineer

  • Develops and documents the technical action plan.
  • Identifies need for additional technical assistance, that is, technical advancement.
  • Monitors technical progress for the escalation and provides regular updates to the Escalation Team.
  • Delivers patches, workarounds, or communicates other resolutions.
  • Provides specialized technical expertise.
  • Coordinates to obtain product engineering modifications, if applicable.
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