PayPal Pro PSD2 Guide

To comply with the PSD2 requirements coming September 14, 2019, PayPal Pro merchants located in the UK will need to take steps to continue to successfully take payments from their customers located in the EEA.


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Step 1) Register your PayPal Pro Merchant Account with CardinalCommerce (PayPal’s Preferred customer authentication partner)


In order to activate the Strong Customer Authentication requirement of PSD2 you must register your PayPal Pro merchant account with CardinalCommerce here. It’s free for PayPal merchants!


When filling out the registration form, under the Additional Information section, be sure to check ‘Select All’ next to Products and choose ‘Custom Built Cart’ in the Shopping Cart dropdown list.


Note: If you use multiple PayPal Pro merchant accounts you must register each one individually.


Step 2) Obtain your Cardinal Credentials


CardinalCommerce provides your credentials when you register with them. Make sure you whitelist the following email address: Whitelisting an email address marks the address as a safe sender and allows emails from that address to pass through spam filters and into your inbox.


If you didn't proactively whitelist the email address, check your junk or spam email folder for the email with your credentials. If your credentials aren't in the junk/spam folder, email and ask them to regenerate them for you.


If you try to register with CardinalCommerce and receive a message that you're already enrolled, you might need to reset your password or request your cart credentials be re-sent to you.


Message: "It appears that you are already enrolled. If you need assistance with accessing your account, please try again or contact us at"

Step 3) Enter your Cardinal Credentials into Formstack


Once you’ve obtained your credentials, log into your Formstack account, navigate to the PayPal Pro integration settings of one of your forms, and enter them into the PSD2-specific fields.


You will need to then visit each of your other PayPal Pro-enabled forms to copy the credentials from your first form or manually enter a new set of CardinalCommerce credentials if the integration is using a different merchant account to authenticate the integration.

Step 4) Ensure your form includes the following informational fields required for 3D Secure Transactions (and add any missing fields if necessary):


  • Billing Address1
  • Billing City
  • Billing State
  • Billing Zip
  • Billing First Name
  • Billing Last Name
  • Customer Email Address


Once these have been added, ensure that the fields are mapped in the PayPal integration settings page under ‘Customer Information’ so the information is sent to PayPal when the form is submitted.


Please contact CardinalCommerce Support to ensure 3DS 2.0 is activated on your account by sending an email to or fill out this form ( If this step is not completed, 3DS 1.0 will be enabled by default.

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