Stripe Choice: Using Stripe for Subscription and One-Time Payments

If you want to offer your end-users the flexibility to submit a one-time payment or recurring payment options all in one form, the new improvements we've made to our Stripe integration is exactly what you're looking for!


How do I enable Stripe Choice on my form?

  • Add a radio button field with the option for "One-Time" or "Subscription" payments
    • You may name the label however you prefer, but the values need to be set as "Payment" for one-time payments and "Subscription" for recurring payments to meet Stripe's requirements.
  • After building your form, go to Settings > Integrations, and add the Stripe integration
  • In the Stripe integration, select "Choice" as the Transaction Type.
  • Map the payment field you created with the "One-Time" and "Subscription" payment options as the Choice Field.
  • Once you select Choice, you will see the option to set up your Single Payment and Subscription Options
    • Follow the labels and map your fields accordingly.



Is there anything else I need to know?

It is important to note that when using Stripe for payments, you cannot use another integration in tandem unless it’s PayPal. For example, if you have a donation form, and you want to use Stripe for one-time payments and ProPay for subscriptions, that combination is no longer supported.


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  • Thanks Kat -- very helpful in setting up our donation form to accepts one-time and recurring (monthly) gifts.

    We'd like to offer donors the chance to make their recurring gift yearly as well as monthly. In our form's Stripe integration settings, Formstack requires us to select a single product under the SUBSCRIPTIONS dropdown in the Subscription Options section. Since, in Stripe, each product has a single billing interval (monthly, yearly, etc.), how can we offer donors the ability to make monthly or yearly recurring donations? Or is that even possible?

    Thanks again.


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