Formstack Go Theming

Device-level Theming

Theming inside the Formstack Builder will no longer affect the theme on your mobile device. Currently, you’ll have two theming options on mobile: light or dark.  Those correspond to the Formstack light and dark themes on web (same fonts, colors, etc.). When you change the theme, it will change the theme for all forms on that one device only. When viewing via the share link, you’ll see whatever theme was chosen within the builder.  When viewing from within Formstack Go, you’ll see whatever theme was chosen inside the Formstack Go app on that one device.



Welcome Messages

Welcome messages will still work with Formstack Go and will editable under Settings inside of Formstack. However, any fonts or colors chosen will be automatically replaced in Formstack Go with whatever theme choice you have applied on that device. Any images used (like a full bleed image with your company logo) will appear inside of Formstack Go, so this is a great way to brand your form in lieu of a logo header.



Submission Messages

We only include the DEFAULT message for Formstack Go.  Similar to the Welcome Message, it will inherit the background color/fonts of the theme chosen on that particular device. Any customization you do to the submission message will only appear when using the share link, not when using Formstack Go. This also means that logic and redirects will not work with submission messages inside Formstack Go.



Mobile Previews in the Builder

When previewing your app inside the builder, it will show what the live form link would look like if viewed on a tablet or mobile device—NOT what it will look like inside of Formstack Go. 


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