Adding Users in the New Admin Panel

Adding Users in the New Admin Panel

On the User Management page of the Formstack Admin Panel, Platform Admins can access a list of all users across the products to which they subscribe and invite new users. 

To access the “Manage Users” section in the Admin Panel, either click on your name and then on ‘User Management’ or click the Product Switcher, then “Administration”, then “Manage Users”.


Note: If you don’t see the ‘User Management’ option in your user menu, you may not be a Platform Admin.

Invite Users

Platform Admins can invite new users to an account. To do this, click the ‘Add Users’ button. 



On the following modal, enter the email address of the user, assign the platform role (Basic or Admin), and decide which products the user will have access to.


Click ‘Add A User’. An invite will be emailed to the new user (learn more here) and they will display in the Admin Panel user table as a Pending user.

You will then be redirected to the new user’s settings page where you can update their Platform permissions, and set product permissions.


If needed, Platform Admins can resend the invite to the user by clicking the Actions icon and choosing ‘Resend Invite’.



Bulk User Uploads

If you have a long list of users, you can easily add them to your account. Here’s how:

Head over to your admin panel if you’re already in an App like Forms, Documents, or Sign and select “Add Multiple Users” in the top right corner.


After selecting, the below modal will pop up. Ensure you download a CSV that matches the Bulk User Upload CSV Template with columns for First name (optional), Last name (optional), and Email (required). If it’s easier for you, you can download the template by clicking on “Download CSV Template” within the below modal.


Once you have the right formatting and list of users you want to add, select “Choose File”.

Reminder: At this time, we allow a maximum upload of 500 users at a time.

From there, select the Roles & Access for all users. The Roles and Access selected will apply to all users. Here’s what each Platform Role means:

  • Platform Admins: can add and remove users, adjust account-wide settings, and add additional products to their account.
  • Basic Users: Can only view and update their personal profile information and security settings.

Good news, if you need to make updates to Roles or Access after the upload, you can go into each user account or update users in bulk.

After you’ve uploaded your list of new users, selected the roles, and selected permissions you will confirm the upload in the below modal. Simply click “Upload & Assign Users” to confirm the upload.


If the upload was successful, you will see a success banner at the top of your screen like the one below. 



Error handling

There are various error messages you can receive. These messages will be delivered for a couple of reasons. When these error messages occur, it will indicate how many users were successful and how many were not. The error message will also give you the ability to see who was not uploaded and easily contact support if you’re experiencing issues. The errors you may see can be caused by the below reasons:

  • Some users on the upload list already have an account within your organization
  • Some users may have app access within a different Formstack organization. This can happen if your company has multiple Formstack accounts for different departments




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