Secure File Storage

Formstack Forms offers secure file storage by default on all new accounts. While older accounts created before early 2019 store files by default on public buckets, we provide options to enhance the security of your files.




Option 1 - Use a 3rd Party File Storage Integration


Connect your form to Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, Microsoft One Drive, or AWS to automatically send files collected on your form to your personal or organization’s account.



  • Better control and management of your files. You decide who can access your files.
  • Quickly increase the amount of storage space you can use with Formstack.
  • Easy to implement for new accounts.
  • Direct files to different storage solutions on a form-by-form or submission-by-submission basis.



  • You must connect each form to a storage integration one at a time
  • Integrations don’t work with Shared or Team Drives (Google Drive or Microsoft One Drive)
  • Previously collected files cannot be automatically moved to the 3rd part storage solution.


Option 2 - Move to Formstack Secure File Storage


We can migrate your existing files and send all new files collected on your forms to our secure file storage hosted by AWS.



  • Instantly secure all files currently stored on your account.
  • Securely collect new files uploaded to forms.



  • Any existing share links to files will break. This includes links to attachments stored in Salesforce, Google Sheets, or other 3rd party systems where you may send your Formstack submission data.
  • Files can only be accessed by those with Formstack login credentials.
  • Uploaded images will not appear in emails inline. Instead, a link will display that when clicked, will download the image.


Contact us to learn more about secure file storage and request your migration.

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