Professional Services FAQs

The Service Engagement Process

ScopeA scoping call is set up to determine what you are seeking to accomplish.

Statement of WorkBased on our scoping conversation, we will supply a Statement of Work detailing the entire project.

Build-out: Once the project has been outlined and agreed to by both parties, work will begin!

User Acceptance Testing: Working alongside you, we will review your project first draft, answer any questions, and review any requested changes. 

Hand-off & Project completion: Based on your project, we review the end-to-end delivery through a training call to equip you and your team for long-term success. 



1. What services do you offer on projects?

  • Build-outs (forms, documents, process workflows, etc.)
  • Custom themes
  • Integration assistance
  • Scheduled training calls
  • Importing and migrations

2. How long does it take to complete a project?

  • Because all projects and clients and come with different sets of requirements, the timelines will vary. Once we complete your scoping call we will be able to provide a customized timeline for your project.

3. Will I get to review the project before it’s completed?

  • Yes, working alongside you, we will review your project first draft, answer any questions, and review any requested changes.

4. How many edits can I make?

  • The revision rounds will be determined in your project outline and based on your specific project and needs. 

5. What happens after I review the first draft?

  • We will review any edit or change requests with you and determine the best path forward to making adjustments taking into consideration your timeline and desired outcomes. 

6. What is a testing call?

  • A testing call is to ensure that your project is operating as expected and serves the intended purposes, end-to-end.

7. How many calls do I get?

  • This will vary based on your project needs and project outline.  We will make recommendations for this during scoping, however, these calls can be calibrated up or down based on your unique needs. 

8. How do you charge?

  • All projects are priced on a per-project-basis vs. per hour or per band. We are typically able to provide a high-level cost and time range upon completion of your first scoping call. 

9. How can I pay for my project?

  • We can use the billing profile credit card on file for one-time project payments or if alternative payment methods are required, we can discuss these with you during the scoping phase.
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