ProcessMaker's Formstack integration enables Formstack users to visually design and execute complex flows involving Formstack forms, pre-filled data from third party systems, alerts, timers, parallel workflows, and more.

Note: This integration requires using a Formstack API Key

1. Start by logging into your Formstack Forms account as an admin user and creating an API key by clicking the My Profile icon at the top right then clicking API on the dropdown.
2. Click "+ New Application".


3. Type in the application name in the field, which could be anything or even "ProcessMaker."
4. Enter the Redirect URL, which will be the ProcessMaker URL that you have ""
5. Enter the Description.(Ex:  "Integration")
6. Upload a Logo if you have one.
7. Select your Platform - "Website, desktop, or mobile."
8. Once you have entered all the required fields, click on "Create Application.
9. You will be directed to another screen that states "Your application has been created successfully!" Underneath that, you should see "Formstack API."
10. Click on "ProcessMaker Integration," underneath "API V2 Applications," which will produce another screen titled "Application; ProcessMaker."
11. Below "Application Details," you will find "Your Access Token."
12. Copy the access token then log into your ProcessMaker account.


13. Click on "Admin" inside of your ProcessMaker account.
14. Click on "Formstack" in the side navigation bar.
15. Paste the access token into the "API Key" box.
16. Click on "Enable Formstack Integration" toggle.
17. Click on "Save Changes" then click "Test Integration."

After you test the integration, and it comes out positive, you are all set! Your Formstack & ProcessMaker accounts are now connected & you can use any of your Formstack Forms to setup processes in ProcessMaker.


Note: The ProcessorMaker integration itself is not directly supported by Formstack's support team. For questions not directly related to Formstack's API, you can contact ProcessMaker here
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