Creating a Formstack Documents template with your Form

Formstack Documents allows you to easily create PDF documents on the fly from your form submissions and email them to yourself or your customers. This guide will show you how you can seamlessly create a new document template in Formstack Documents using a Formstack Form you've already created. 

First, go to Settings > Integrations > Formstack Documents within the form you want to use to create your template. From there, click the "Create new document using this form" button. This will auto-create a document in Formstack Documents with your form HTML and setup the integration, auto-mapping all the fields. This is the fastest way to create a new Document template from a Form.


Once you’ve created and selected the Document you want to populate with your Form submissions, you can click the ‘Customize your document in Formstack Documents’ button to be redirected to your Documents account to personalize your document template and set up your delivery preferences.


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