Creating a Formstack Documents template with your Form

If you’ve already built your Formstack form and need a document, we’ve got a perfect solution. Now, you can easily take the fields from your Formstack form and use them to automatically generate a new Formstack document. 

First, you’ll need to connect your Formstack Forms and Formstack Documents accounts. In your Formstack form, you can do this by navigating to the Settings tab, selecting Integrations, and choosing Formstack Documents. 


The first time you set up your Formstack Documents integration, you’ll need to have the API Key and API Secret from your Documents account ready. You can find that information inside of your Documents account by selecting your profile and choosing API Access. 


Once you’ve connected your accounts, you will be given two options under Document Information. You can either choose a document from a list of documents in your account or you can create a new document using the fields on your form. Choose Create new document using this form. 


Clicking this button will automatically generate a document using the fields on your form. All of the fields on your form and new document will be automatically mapped. Now, you can head over to your Formstack Documents account to customize your document with additional text, images, and colors! 

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