Quick Start: Customize Your Form's Theme

Did you know that you have the power to change the look and feel of your forms through custom themes?

Users with access to make and edit themes can can go to the "Style" area of their form to customize themes.


Here are 3 things you can do quickly to instantly make your Formstack form feel more like personalized:

1. Change your font

Changing your font is a quick and easy way to give your form a custom feel. 


2. Customize your colors

You can change your theme's colors in the Color Editor. If your organization uses a specific shade, you can type in the exact color hex code. 

Example: Formstack's Medium Green color hex code is HEX: #8FD6B0. By entering "#8FD6B0" the exact color from our branding guide is selected. 


3. Insert a standard header or footer image

Using a standard header or footer image, such as your organization's logo, is an easy way to make your Formstack theme and form look like a seamless companion to your existing materials. Need help customizing or editing your header or footer, check out this article


Want to do even more with themes? 

You can use CSS code to further customize the look and feel of your form's themes. More information available here



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