HubSpot Integration - Transposing checkbox values within Formstack over to Hubspot

When you have a single Checkbox type field within a form (such as an agree-to-terms confirmation for example) that is integrated with Hubspot and this field is mapped to a corresponding entity within your Hubspot asset, it must be configured to have separate values in order to get sent over successfully.

Natively, Hubspot equates checkbox field values to be “yes” when checked and “no” when unchecked.

By default, this field within Formstack does not equate to “yes” or “no” when checked or unchecked respectively. You would need to configure specific values in the Advanced Options Editor.

This option can be found within the ‘Field-Specific’ configuration section in the left hand side bar after clicking on the field.


Within the Advanced Options Editor, in the right hand sidebar under the List Options section you would check the option titled ‘Use separate values’. A drop down list will appear with the default option set as ‘Save value’. You may leave this as-is to save the set value of the checkbox when submitted in the form.

In the corresponding value field for your label, you would set to ‘Yes’.


Once done, please select the Save Options button up at the top right hand side of the screen.


Once this is done, your checkbox within Formstack will successfully transpose to Hubspot as expected.


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