Login to Formstack with your Apple ID

Formstack provides multiple ways to login to your account - Login with Google, Custom SSO, and Sign in with Apple. This document will provide you with step-by-step directions on how to login using your Apple ID.


Note: The first time you use this login method, there will be some additional steps to take. Subsequent logins won’t require the initial setup steps.


1. Navigate to the login page of your choice and click ‘Sign in with Apple’.


2. You will be directed to the Apple website to enter your Apple ID and password.


3. Next, Apple will ask you to confirm the location of the device you’re using to login. (This will only happen during future login attempts if you login via a device in a different location than your last login).


4. Apple will send you a Two-Factor Authentication code on your device. Enter the code to continue.


5. Confirm that you trust the browser. If you do, you will not be asked for a verification code the next time you login. If you want to continue receiving verification codes, click ‘Not Now’.


6. Click ‘Continue’ through the next screen (You won’t have to do this during future logins attempts).


7. Choose ‘Share My Email’ on the next screen and click ‘Continue’. (You won’t have to do this during future logins attempts).


8. You will now be logged in to the Formstack app you were wanting  to access.


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