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Sync form responses and create powerful workflows

When we built Formstack Forms, our highest priority was building a system that would automate your data collection and easily integrate it with any service on the web.  

With our new Formstack Forms connector on Power Automate, our customers can send their form data and file uploads to all of their Microsoft products plus hundreds of other 3rd party applications streamlining their processes & saving them even more time.

Below you can see listed the different ways you can use the integration, with links to specific set up instructions for each:

Make time-consuming tasks a thing of the past with Formstack Forms and Microsoft Power Automate.

How to Setup Integration:

Step 1:  Build a Form in your Formstack Forms Account

Step 2:  Select a New Flow in Power Automate

You can do this by logging into your Power Automate account and clicking My Flows>+New Flow>Automated Cloud Flow.

Step 3:  Name Flow & Select the Formstack Forms Trigger

  • Give your flow a name of your choice.
  • Type in Formstack Forms in the “Choose your flow’s trigger” box & select “Triggers when a form is submitted.”
  • Click Create.

Step 4:  Connect your Power Automate & Formstack Forms Accounts

Follow prompts to sign into your Formstack Forms account using your username and password or use one of our single sign in options and give Power Automate permission to connect.



Step 5:  Select a Form

From the dropdown, select a form that you’d like to use in this flow & click + New Step.


Step 6:  Choose the 3rd Party App you want to send data & the Action

Step 7:  Map Forms Fields to Fields in your Selected 3rd Party App

You’ll need to setup a 1 to 1 mapping of your form fields to your 3rd party app fields.

You’ll see available fields from your selected 3rd party app that appear on the left side of your screen (ie.  First Name & Last Name in example below) & you’ll see an empty box to the right of each one.  

Below the empty box select “Add Dynamic Content” and you'll see a menu that pops up with all of the questions from your Formstack Form.

Simply add the Formstack question to the box that lines up with each of the fields in the 3rd party app where you want to send the data & click save.  Super simple!

Step 8:  Test your flow

You can test your new flow by making a form submission on your selected Formstack Form & make sure your data shows up in your 3rd party application.
Congrats!  You can now automate all of your data collection into your favorite apps!


In order to use the Microsoft PowerAutomate connecter, your Formstack account will need to have access to WebHooks

Dropdowns and Checkbox fields require the use of a Join data operation. To learn more, click here.

Uploading a file from a Formstack Form via PowerAutomate to another software product like OneDrive or Sharepoint requires a small simple workaround. For more information click here.

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