Migrating to Formstack’s New Authentication and Administration System

This article covers updates you will be seeing in your account after moving to Formstack’s new authentication system and administration experience.

We are moving all Formstack Forms, Documents, and Sign users to a new authentication system which will allow:

  • Logging in to the apps using one email and password
  • Fast app switching without logging in every time
  • Managing all settings and users across your paid apps from one central location (Account Admins only)

New things users will see upon logging in:

Admin Panel

Users will use the new Admin Panel to: 

  • Update their user profile information
  • Edit account-wide security settings (Platform Admins only -- See next section for new Permissions Levels.)
  • Edit account settings like Account name and logo (Platform Admins only)
  • View, Invite, and Manage users across all apps (Platform Admins only)
  • Forms Admins will manage user groups within the Forms app

New Admin Panel Permission Levels

There are two new permission levels for the Admin Panel: Platform Admin and Basic.

  • Platform Admin: Existing Admin users across apps will become Platform Admins and will be able to manage user permissions across all apps and invite users to the Account.
    • Platform Admins may need to remove full Admin Panel access from users.
    • Platform Admins can resend invites and remove pending users
  • Basic Access: All other users will use the Admin Panel to update their profile information such as name, avatar, email, password, time zone, & 2FA

Changes to Single Sign On

Formstack’s new Admin Panel will be the new home for account Single Sign On settings rather than within the Forms app itself. This allows Single Sign On to be available for all of our applications (Forms, Documents, and Sign). With this migration, we will only be supporting SAML 2.0 as an authentication provider. However, if you are not currently using SAML 2.0, you can still set up your identification provider to work with SAML. 

This change only applies to SSO for Formstack account login. If you are still looking to use SSO to secure access to your live forms, this can still be accomplished through the External Authentication settings in the Forms app.

To learn more about Single Sign On, visit this article.

App Switcher

You can use the new app switcher at the top right corner of the platform to move between apps you have “user” access in your account without having to login separately to each app. If you don’t have a license for a certain application, you can try that application for free from this menu as well.

Note: If you should have access to a particular app but it’s locked, please contact your Customer Success Manager.

Security Settings:

If you have access to multiple Formstack apps in your account, all apps will now adopt the same, uniform set of security settings. This will result in the following changes:

  • 2-Factor Authentication - This will become a standard feature across apps. 
  • Stricter Password Setting Options 
    • Min length of 6 characters
    • Alpha + Numeric characters both required (off by default)
    • Require password change every 90 days (off by default)
    • Password must be different than previous 4 passwords (off by default)
  • Session Timeout - Admins can set accounts to logout after:
    • 15 min (HIPAA Plans Required. Cannot change)
    • 30 min
    • 1 hour
    • 2 hours
    • 4 hours (default setting)
    • 6 hours
    • 8 hours
    • 12 hours
    • 24 hours

Other Changes Users Will See:

None. This migration will only impact how users login and access Formstack apps.

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