Formstack Forms & Mircosoft PowerAutomate: Dropdown & Checkbox Instructions

Dropdowns and Checkbox fields require the use of a Join data operation.  This is due to these fields having the capability of sending multiple selected values.  Radio Buttons will not require this operation.

Step 1. Add a “Join” Data operation. Click the three dots, and select “Rename”.  Rename the join operation to match your field name.


Step 2. In the “From” box, select your dropdown or checkbox field.  In this example, my field is called Regions.  In the “Join with” box, place a “comma” or separator of your choice.



Step 3. Add the output from our join in the appropriate mapping area.  In this example, I am mapping the output of our Regions Join to the field of my choice in excel.  



Step 4  Repeat as necessary for other Dropdown or Checkbox fields within your form.


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