Formstack Forms and Microsoft Power Automate : File Uploads

Uploading a file from a Formstack Form via PowerAutomate to another software product like OneDrive or Sharepoint requires a small simple workaround.

When setting up the Action Step of your flow in PowerAutomate (where you want to send your file) you’ll need to add the file extension (ie. png, .pdf. jpg) of the files that will be uploaded to your form to the field titled “File Name” in the app you are trying to send the file.  See OneDrive example below:

If you don’t know what file type is going to be uploaded in your form, we recommend adding a question on your form that asks what file type is being uploaded:

You then in turn can add this question in the “File Name” of your action step in PowerAutomate so that the file type selected on your form flows into the File Name field of your selected application every time automatically.  Easy!

Now you are ready to start collecting uploaded files in your forms & storing them automatically in your favorite apps!  Congrats!



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