Webinar- Education Automation for Your Academic Year with Formstack

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Academic calendars have a rhythm and the disruptive past year has us all looking for more flow in our work. Automating complex processes-- or even setting up tools to automate a part of your work will help you reclaim time and build consistency in your practices. 

This webinar shares ideas on how you can set up systems, place anchors, and prepare milestones for the coming academic year, whether you're in the K-12, higher ed, community ed, or adjacent education spaces. Drawing from customer use-cases with Formstack products and our No Code Report - Education Automation, we invite you to take some time to imagine and plan for the year ahead. 

Automating tasks helps prevent burnout and frees up energy for things that need more intensive attention. *Higher ed professionals using Formstack tools report that about 33 hours of work per week is saved.

This presentation is for anyone looking for ideas on how to improve education-related processes including:

- Distributing and collecting information from students (ex: student handbook signatures, contact information, waivers, etc)

- Getting parental signatures

- Managing data sent in by teachers and faculty (ex: submitting syllabi, teaching contracts)

- Creating inquiry processes for recruitment and enrollment

-  Developing alumni processes for collecting donations or network information

Presented by Alyssa Truszkowski, MAT.  Customer Education Specialist at Formstack. 

*Interested in the No Code Report for Education Automation? Get the report here!  

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