Granting Prefill Mapping Access to Subaccounts

Let’s look at how you can set it up.

1. Navigate to your Account Profile page and select Form Authentication.


2. On the Form Authentication page, select Edit Form Authentication. The subaccount access container should be visible at the bottom of the page. Account admins on a parent account have the option to either grant access to individual users one at a time or grant access to all subaccounts at once.


3. Once you've updated your Form Authentication, navigate to the Field Prefill page, and select Edit Prefill Mapping. Select the subaccount access tab. You can either grant access to subaccounts one at a time or all at once. 


Note: Subaccounts can only be given permission if they already have access to the data source that is being used.

Subaccounts with inherited access will now see a pill on the Saved Fields in their account that are mapped to Field Prefill Mappings in the parent account. 

Child accounts can then add these fields to their form and manipulate them on their form as needed. 


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