Getting Started with Field Prefill

Please Note

The Prefill Mapping feature is currently in beta and not currently available to all users at this time

With Formstack’s Field Prefill add-on, organizations leveraging Single Sign-On (SSO) can pre-populate an end user’s form using data stored in their SSO provider. This ensures data is consistent, systems are in sync, forms are easier to complete, and everyone is happy! 

In this article, we’re going to walk through how to map fields from your SSO provider to your Formstack form. 

1.Get started by logging in to your Formstack Forms account. Navigate to your Account Profile page and select Form Authentication.


2. Select Add Form Authentication. Give your new form authentication a name and select your provider type. You can choose from: 

    • Google SSO
    • LDAP 
    • Active Directory 
    • SAME 2.0 
    • CAS


Learn more about setting up your Form Authentication by visiting this help article


3. Formstack will automatically pull in a stock list of 14 data fields from your SSO provider. If you need to pull in more information, account admins have the ability to create custom fields to pull additional data fields from your data source.  


Visit this help doc to learn more about setting up Custom SSO User Fields


Note: At present, Google SSO only pulls in name and email fields. Custom Fields are not currently available for these SSO providers. 

4. Once you’ve set up your Form Authentication, navigate to the Prefill Mapping tab. Select Create Prefill Mapping. 

5. Give your prefill mapping a name and choose the Form Authentication you just created. 

6. Once you’ve selected your Form Authentication details, a list of fields from your SSO-provider will appear. Next, you’ll map these fields to Saved Fields you’ve already created. 

Check out this help article to learn more about setting up Saved Fields. 

Note: For fields that may capture sensitive information or personal health data, make sure to use the dropdown to update your security settings and turn on data encryption. 

7.  As needed, grant or revoke user access to your new Prefill Mapping. 

Note: Account admins have access to all Prefill Mappings. 

Note: As an account admin on a Parent account, you can grant access to the subaccounts on the Subaccount Access tab. Learn more about granting subaccount access in this help article.

8. Once you’ve mapped your fields and reviewed your user access settings, move your mapping from Inactive to Active. 

9. Now you’re ready to build your first form with Field Prefill. Start your new form as you normally would by selecting Create and choosing Form, Survey, or Workflow. 

10. Move the Form Prefill toggle to Enabled and choose the mapping you built earlier. 

11. Build your form using the Saved Fields you added to your prefill mapping. You are also able to add fields without field prefill to your form. Standard fields will not be pre-populated for the end user. 

Note: If at any point you decide you don’t want to use Field Prefill on your form, head over to the Form Extras tab and move the Field Prefill toggle to the off position. 



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