Getting Started - 5 Quick Ways to Personalize Your Forms

New to Forms and want to get ramped up quickly? This is the guide for you! Pulled from our webinar, 5 Quick Ways to Personalize Your Forms, we've compiled all of the some of our best tips and tricks to make your forms look at feel like your own. 

1. Customize your colors and fonts to match your branding. 

You can even make a master template that can be applied to multiple forms! Check out our article here


2. Insert your logo or brand graphics

There are two easy ways! Learn our methods here

  • Add it to your form with a description area
  • Put it in your form's theme as a header 


3. Change your submission message or action

Our Submit Actions article covers the basics.

  • Customize your the submission message to thank your users for submitting
  • Change your submission message to redirect them to another website or form and take the next action


4. Customize your email message

Personalized confirmation emails make for a more connected experience. 


5. Embed your form on your website

Every form has multiple methods for embedding your form to suit your needs.

There are even more ways to make Forms your own but this is a great starting point! Looking for more ways to learn? Consider our free, self-guided product certification program, Formstack Tracks! 




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