SSO Autofill vs Field Prefill

If your organization is leveraging single sign-on technology to streamline how you log in across platforms, manage data, and increase security, you might be interested in learning that Formstack also works with your single sign-on provider. There are two ways you can leverage single sign-on with Formstack: to streamline account logins and to prepopulate forms with the data housed in your directories and data banks. 

We offer two ways to prefill your forms: SSO Autofill and Field Prefill. In this support article, we’ll help you identify which form prefill method works best for your organization. 

SSO Autofill vs. Field Prefill 

While SSO Autofill and Field Prefill function similarly, Field Prefill offers more functionality. Below, you’ll find a chart that outlines what features and functionality you can expect from Field Prefill and SSO Autofill. 

Learn More: Check out this support article to learn how you can get started with Field Prefill today

With SSO Autofill, users must map the fields from their SSO provider to fields on their form each time a new form is created. With Field Prefill, Prefill Mappings can be sent to to any form in your account. This is especially useful for organizations with sub accounts. Field Prefill makes it easy to add users to prefill mappings, suggest or require form encryption, and grant or deny form access. 

The bottom line is that Field Prefill offers your organization more scalability and makes form building easier. If you’re looking for a simpler tool and don’t need additional functionality, SSO Autofill may meet your use case. But if you’re working to increase form security, simplify login, and prefill forms with data on standard or custom fields in your SSO, Field Prefill is the solution for you! 



Field Prefill 

SSO Autofill 

Uses data from your SSO provider to prefill forms

Works with SAML 2.0, OAuth, CAS, LDAP, Active Directory

Use Prefill Mappings to multiple forms


Pass Prefill Mappings to subaccounts 


Note or require field encryption


Customers on Pro and Enterprise accounts can start a 30-day free trial of Field Prefill by visiting the Form Authentication page under their profile or by talking to their account manager. Contact sales to learn more

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