FAQ: SSO-Powered Field Prefill


Frequently Asked Questions about our new feature, Field Prefill! 


Now, you can build smarter, more secure forms that are prefilled for your end users. Using the power of SSO and the data you already have, Field Prefill allows you to send out prepopulated forms that make form completion a snap. 


Check out our recent webinar, Unlock Smarter Forms with SSO-Powered Field Prefill!  


When is field prefill available? 

It’s available now as a 30-day free trial on your account for Pro- and above accounts. You can also contact your Account Manager if you'd like more information.  


Is field prefill available to HIPAA accounts?



Do you have to have SSO set up in order to use field prefill? 
Yes! Because this field prefill process is powered by your organization's SSO setup, you will need to have SSO enabled.


What is the difference between auto-filling in forms and field prefill? 

Field prefill is scalable and lets the user set up field prefill once, to be applied to many forms. Autofill has to set up on each individual form. Both are useful tools, however, the advantages of field prefill are scalability and time-savings! Check out this graphic: 


If SSO login is required to access a form, would all users accessing forms need to be Formstack account users?
Nope! Your initial users who are filling out the form do not have to be Formstack users. They will need to set up with SSO on your organization's side, so that the data being filled in exists on your end. However, because they're just the first step in submitting your form, they will not need to be users on your Formstack account. 

I'm a user on a Formstack account but not the account owner or admin. How can I get more information to leverage this for our organization and help show my colleagues that we should implement SSO and field prefill for our forms? 
Our recent webinar, Unlock Smarter Forms with SSO-Powered Field Prefill, shows valuable information that you might want to share with your IT or leadership teams, though we'd also be have a conversation with your organization. Contact your Formstack Account Manager for more information! 

We've trialed field prefill and we love it! How do we add it to our account?  

Get in touch with your Formstack Account Manager and we'll be able to talk you through that process.

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