Copying A Form

To copy a form, click on the "Forms" tab in your account. Then, click on the checkbox next to the form you would like to copy.


Next, click on the "copy" button at the top of the page.


Note: Standard forms can be copied into Workflow forms by choosing the 'As a Workflow Form' option when clicking 'Copy'. Workflows are available as a paid add-on. 


Copy a Form to Your Own Account


When you click on the "copy" icon, you are given two choices:  copy to "My Account" or "Other Account(s)".  If you want to make a copy of the form in your own Formstack account, choose My Account.  If you want to send a copy of the form to another Formstack user, choose Other Account(s).

When you copy a form in your own account, it will be given the name of your original form with "- COPY" added to it.  You can change the name of your form on the Settings tab of the form.


Copying a Form to Another AccountcopyToOtherAccount.png

When copying a form to another account or multiple accounts, put in the email address of each Formstack account you want to copy the form to. The email being used will need to have an account created before copying over a form.


If copying the form to more than one account, separate each email address with a comma.  You can also put in a custom message that will show in the email sent to these users letting them know you've sent them a new form.


Below is an example of the email they will receive:




You have two options for sharing the form:  "Only the Form" and "Form and Integrations".  If you share only the form, your integrations and credentials for those integrations will be removed from the form, so that the user you are sending the form to can put in their own credentials (Example: API info).  If you want them to use your integration accounts, then choose Form and Integrations.



The owner of the account you are sending the form to will receive a message on the "Forms" page of his or her account. The user can then accept or deny the form you sent.


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