Automatic Form Deactivation

One of the greatest advantages in running any time-sensitive contest or promotion is the ability to control how long a form can be viewed. With our deactivation feature, you can now set a form to expire on a certain time and date. You can find the deactivation feature within your form's admin area in the Settings Tab. At the bottom of the "Form Name & Options" section in the General settings, you will see a drop-down menu called "Disable form".




Form Deactivation Based on Date/Time:

 Select "On date" and fill out the date and time information to disable a form on a certain date and/or time. You can format the date in multiple ways such as:

  • November 28 2014
  • Nov, 28 2014 AM
  • 2 months from now

(All times Eastern Standard Time (US))


Note: It is not currently possible to set a form to automatically reactivate.


Form Deactivation Based on Number of Submissions:


Just as you can deactivate a form based on a time or date, you can also limit a form based on the number of submissions. This might be great for contests, promotions, events with limited seating, and so on. Setting this feature up is similar to the deactivation based on date and time. To do so, select "after number of submissions" and insert a value. Changes will save automatically.



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