User Groups

It's now even easier to manage your users' permissions with our Group permissions feature. Now, instead of having to set permissions for each individual user you can create groups of users and set rules for the entire group!

Note: This feature is available on Starter plans and higher.

To get started, log in, then click the person symbol in the top right corner of the page. Click Users & Groups.



From here, click Groups and you can see all existing Groups. You can choose to create a new Group, sort Groups, delete Groups or view Group Members.


Click on the "Create Group" button on the right to create your Group. 

From here, enter the name of the Group and choose to move Users into your Group At the bottom, set permissions for the Users in this group, or remove any users.

Note: In order to add users to a group, they must be existing users on the account. For more information on adding users to your account click on the hyperlink below.

More Information on Groups 

 You can also Search for any Group using the Search bar, sort your Groups, or quickly delete your Groups!


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