Partial Submissions

Partial Submissions is a plugin for users that don't want to miss out on any possible leads. This feature allows you to collect information that is filled out on a form when the user doesn't click the submit button. More specifically, the save is triggered by entering text into a field and then clicking out of the field either to another field or off the form completely.



  • The Conversion Kit Add-on is at an additional cost. Upgrade now to start using this awesome feature!
  • For security reasons, only paying customers will have access to Partial Submissions. If you have any questions or concerns, contact our Sales Team and they'll happily set you up.


Enabling the Plugin


To add this functionality to your form, go to the form you would like to edit, then go to the Conversion Kit Tab. Locate the plugin and click "Add". 



 Once you have clicked "Add", the feature will be added! You will see a page that lets you see the default message that the end-user will see when they fill out the form, warning them that their information is collected as they fill out the form.

Since you won't receive the typical notification for these types of submissions, you can also set up an email digest of all of the partial submissions that come in during a certain time period (Every 6, 12, or 24 hours). Just check the "Receive notification emails" box, choose a frequency, and enter the email address(es) of the recipient(s). If you do not receive a partial submission during the time chosen you will not receive an email.




Data Collection Exceptions


File uploads and signatures will not be captured live as that data is sent to the database only when the "Submit" button is clicked. The above warning will show on the Partial Submissions settings page.



 Also, for security purposes, this feature does not work when credit card fields are included on the form. The above warning will appear at the top of your form in the builder



Viewing Partial Submissions


In order to view your submissions, you will have a "Partial Submissions" tab. You can access this by going to your form and clicking on "Submissions".  Here you will see a "Partial Submissions" tab.  




Once you click on "Partial Submissions", you can see the information that was entered into the form and not submitted. If you click on one of the submissions, you can get a full view of what was entered and which lines were left blank.


This way you can contact those that have abandoned the form to see if they need any assistance or would like further clarification.


Gathering information in this way will provide you with the unique opportunity of capturing lost leads and getting them to possibly convert on a sale.



Things to Note:

**Only answering Radio Button fields on a form will not trigger a save in Safari or Firefox. Other data must be entered to trigger the save.

**Only answering Checkbox fields on a form will not trigger a save in Firefox. Other data must be entered to trigger the save.

**If the second form accepts answers from the first form using Pre-population the pre-populated fields will not update unless the user clicks on one of the other fields on the form

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