Constant Contact: Commonly Returned Errors

Below is a list of common errors which can be seen in the integration between Formstack and Constant Contact, as well as suggested fixes for those errors. Some errors are dependent upon your Constant Contact account setup, so additional troubleshooting in the Constant Contact account may be needed.


1. There was an error submitting to Constant Contact: Error 500: Server Error - A required field within Constant Contact is mapped to a field that wasn’t populated with a value on the Form. Make sure that any Formstack fields mapped to required CTCT fields are required and cannot be hidden by conditional logic.

2. An error occurred: We failed to fetch your lists, please check your username and password and try again - The error is occurring because your user credentials are not valid in the CTCT integration settings. Please ensure that your user credentials are valid (click to login again) and then refresh your lists via the green refresh arrow in the integration settings. 

3. Error: There was an error getting your Constant Contact Lists: Status Code: 400 - Spaces are no longer valid characters in Constant Contact usernames and when attempting to sign in with a username with space, can cause issues with our integration. You can read more about this in Constant Contact’s Knowledge Base here. You will need to log into Constant Contact to adjust the username before attempting to integrate it with Formstack.

4. There was an error submitting to Constant Contact: Error: 409 - This is typically due to the Submission attempting to create a contact that already exists in your Constant Contact account. You will need to reach out to Constant Contact support regarding the ability to add duplicate contacts within an account.



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