PayPal Pro: Commonly Returned Errors

Below is a list of common errors experienced between the Formstack Forms and the PayPal Pro integration.  Here you can reference frequently encountered errors and the suggested corrective action.  Some errors are dependent on your form so additional troubleshooting may be necessary.


1. ErrorCode: 10002 Security header is not valid

  • The API Username, API Password, and Signature are incorrect or out of date.  To find your API info, log into your PayPal account > click on "Profile" at the top of the page > click on "API Access" under "Account Information" > Click "View API Certificate or Request API Credentials" > select "Request API signature > Click "Agree and then click "Submit."

  • PayPal Pro is set to test mode which only functions on PayPal Developer accounts.  If you are not using a Developer account, you will need to switch the integration to ON and submit the form.


2. ErrorCode: 10527 This transaction cannot be processed. Please enter a valid credit card number and type​

  • In the PayPal Pro integration, make sure the Credit Card information is mapped to the Credit Card fields in your form.

  • If you are using a field to select the Payment Method, such as Check, Invoice, Cash, and Credit Card, in your form, you will need to add Routing Logic to the PayPal Pro redirect located in Settings > Emails & Redirects. The Routing Logic will be similar to "Payment Method is Credit Card." This will allow the integration to only run when Credit Card is selected.

  • The user might have not entered in the Credit Card information into the form. Make sure the form is not marked as Hidden and set to Required. If using Conditional Logic, confirm the Credit Card field is showing when it is needed.


3. There's an error with this transaction. Please enter a valid "address" field.

  • Some fields can be set as required within PayPal that are not required in the Formstack integration. If you have any Address fields set to required in PayPal, the Address will need to be mapped to your address fields in Formstack.

4. ErrorCode: 10501 This transaction cannot be processed due to an invalid merchant configuration.

  • This error indicates that the credentials entered on the PayPal integration are not able to match or synch with an active PayPal account.


5. Error Code: 15005 Transaction cannot be processed

  • The issuing bank for the credit card being used has declined the transaction. The user will need to use a different card and check their bank for why it was declined.


6.  Credit Card was charged a different amount than the Total

  • If the end user's credit card was charged a different amount than what is stated on the form, go to Settings > PayPal Pro and check to see how the Price and Quantity is mapped to your fields.  The Quantity field is not a required field so if the Total is mapped to the Price, you will not need to map the Quantity.


7. ERROR: Error processing payment: ErrorCode: 10536 The transaction was refused as a result of a duplicate invoice ID supplied. Attempt with a new invoice ID.

  • This happens when previous payments from any source (Formstack or any other system) used the same invoice ID that Formstack is now sending with the order. In the integration settings, there is an option where you can set an invoice number. Set that to a number that you know is greater than any invoice number currently in your Paypal account. This way the invoice IDs will not match anything that was ever previously used with PayPal and that error will go away.


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