HubSpot Integration

HubSpot helps you manage inbound marketing on your sales platform by attracting visitors, converting leads, and closing deals. Integrating HubSpot with Formstack allows you to take lead/contact data from Formstack forms and send them to your HubSpot account. 

The HubSpot integration is available on Teams plans and above and can only be used with Marketing PRO or Enterprise level HubSpot Accounts.

To integrate HubSpot with your form, go into the Form > Settings > Integrations > CRM under the Available Integrations and click to add HubSpot. You can also use the search bar to find it.



When the integration is added click on Settings by the added integration or on the Hubspot tab on the left. Next, add your Hub ID (formerly Portal ID) in the respective field. This number can be found in the top-right corner of your HubSpot Dashboard.


Note: In order to successfully authenticate the intended Hub ID, you are required to create the corresponding fields within Hubspot first. Failure to do so may result in an API error when attempting to validate your Hubspot credentials in the next step.

Click the option to log into HubSpot, and authenticate the connection or copy the authentication credentials from a form that already has HubSpot integrated. If you choose to log in, you'll need to log into HubSpot and grant access to Formstack.


Once the integration has been added, select a HubSpot user and HubSpot form and then map the HubSpot fields to fields or values from your Formstack form listed in the drop-down menus. 


Any field marked with a red asterisk (*) is required by HubSpot and must be populated or mapped before the integration can be toggled to ON/Run mode. 


Choosing to map by field values will allow you to map multiple form fields to one HubSpot field.  To utilize this option, simply choose the "Value Field" option and then insert any form field merge codes into the provided field as you need.

Natively, a Hubspot form has an auto-redirect to an external URL. When integrated with Formstack, a submission may result in an API error notification to get sent out to the administrator if this auto-redirect is enabled.

Please be sure to configure your Hubspot assets to simply display a submission message and not redirect upon submission.


Any required redirects can be configured within the Welcome & Submission Message section of the form settings. More information can be found in this article about Submit Actions.


Lastly, you can add email addresses in the "Error Handling" field which will send a notice if the integration fails for any reason. However, this is optional.

Overall, this feature should make it easier for you to optimize your campaigns by streamlining data and processes between Formstack and HubSpot.

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