Act-On Integration with Zapier

Act-On is a robust lead nurturing tool, but you might need some additional tools for your forms to bring out their fullest potential. Using Formstack in tandem with Act-On is a great way to improve your lead nurturing efforts. Using the Zapier-to-Act-On configuration, you will be able to pass Formstack submission data as a contact to your selected Act-On email list.


While we do not offer a native integration with Act-On, it is available for configuration through Zapier. 


First, you'll want to log into your Formstack account and create a new Form or modify an existing Form that will be used to capture data that will send to your Act-On Account.  Next, navigate to Zapier to log in or sign-up for an account if you don’t already have one.


Once you are logged into Zapier, click the ‘Make a Zap’ option at the top of the page to start building your connection.



In the Zapier app search bar, search for ‘Formstack’ and select this once it appears. 



Select the ‘New Submission’ option as the trigger and then click Save + Continue.  On the following page, choose your Formstack account to connect to (if available) or click ‘Connect an Account’.  If you chose to connect to a new account, you’ll be prompted to log into your Formstack account to connect and secure your Formstack Account to Zapier. Choose the account you want to proceed with and click Save + Continue.



Select the intended Form from Formstack either by scrolling through the list of forms or by searching by name and click ‘Continue’ once chosen. Make sure the user you logged into Formstack as when connecting the account has proper permissions for the form.  


You may also be prompted to pull in sample submission to make the connection. Once your submission is connected, click on 'Continue'.



After the Formstack Form has established a connection to Zapier, you'll complete the second portion of the setup which is connecting your Act-On Account.  When searching for your connecting application, Act-On should appear as a selection and you can choose to create a new Form Submission or Add a contact to a specific list and click Save + Continue.




Authorize your connection from Zapier to Act-on by accepting the authorization prompt and logging in to your Act-On Account.  Next, you may test the connection in Zapier or click the 'Continue' button to progress.



If you are creating Form Submissions in Act-On, choose the Form in question; if you are opting to update a list, select the desired Act-On List.  Next, map the Formstack Form fields to the receiving Act-On fields by clicking the Zapier mapping buttons and connecting the appropriate fields as needed. 



From here, you’ll be prompted to test the step once and after the test is successful, your Formstack to Act-On integration via Zapier is complete!  At this stage, you can toggle the Zapier integration On/Off as needed and when in the On-mode, Form submissions will create or update records in Act-On automatically.  As part of that setup, a WebHook to Zapier will be created in your Formstack Account under the specified Form without any action required on your part!


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