Stripe is a popular credit card processor that you can integrate with your Formstack form. Information on Stripe and PSD2 Compliance can be found here: Stripe and PSD2 Compliance


To add Stripe to your payment form, go to Settings > Integrations > Payments and click the "Add" button next to Stripe. This will add a tab under the Integrations tab where you can begin setting up the Stripe integration.




Click on the blue "Log into your Account" button. You will be taken to a Stripe website where you need to grant Formstack access to your Stripe Account, then either sign up for a Stripe account or log in to a current account.




If a form in your account is already using the Stripe integration you can also import that integration's credentials by selecting the form from the dropdown list. This enables you to see which account is being used to authenticate the integration



Transaction Types


Single Payment

To set up a form for a good, service, or donation that requires only one payment choose "Single Payment" as the Transaction Type. Next, choose a currency, then whether you want to show only a single item in Stripe or an itemized list of items. The "Single Item" setting is great for when you have a Total field and if you need to use a discount code.




The Multiple Items setting is great when you have many items for purchase and would like to easily see what your customers have bought. Map each item's price (and optional quantity) and give each item a label. Stripe will automatically add these items up. Discount Code fields do not work with this setup as they are applied to the "Total" field.





For purchases that require a subscription or multiple payment installments choose the "Subscription" Transaction Type. You'll need to either need to choose an existing subscription plan from your Stripe account or create a new one within the integration.



New subscriptions must be created through your Stripe account. For more information on how to create a new subscription in Stripe, please click here.

Note: When sending customer information to Stripe, a customer will be created if using the Subscription mode, but not for one-time payments.





The "Choice" transaction type will allow your users to choose whether they would like their payment to be a one-time deal or a subscription. This is a great option for donation forms. To learn more about how to set up the value of the choice field to subscription or payment, please click here.


The main difference is you'll need a "Choice" field on the form to give your customers a choice of either a one-time payment or to start a subscription.



Add a select list or radio button field and make the options "One-Time" and "Subscription". Then add separate values of "Payment" and "Subscription" (no quotation marks).


Payment Information

Since Stripe is an on-form payment processor you must have the credit card field on your form. This is mapped in the payment information section. The numbers will be sanitized as they enter your database.


Customer Information

This section is optional. However, these fields will often automatically map if you have the corresponding fields on your form.

A receipt will be automatically sent by Stripe if the email address field is mapped and the option "Email customers for successful payments" is enabled in your email receipt settings in your Stripe account.


Error Handling

This section is also optional, but we highly recommend adding an email address in the "Email on Failure" box so you are contacted if the integration fails. Be careful when checking the "Allow Submission if Integration Fails" box as customers with incorrect credit card information will be able to submit the form successfully.

Note that there is no way to re-run Stripe or any other payment integrations through Formstack due to security reasons. 



Stripe and PSD2 Compliance

Stripe is one of the payment processing options that will meet PSD2 Compliance by September 14, 2019. More information about PSD2 can be found here:

Additional steps are required in order to successfully process subscription payments with Stripe:

Within Stripe’s dashboard, you must enable ‘Manage payments that require 3D Secure’

If you do not enable this function in your Stripe account, a subscription payments with a card that requires 3DS will fail.

This change should not affect currently active subscriptions.

Multiple Payment Processors

When using Stripe integration, if you are needing to use a second payment processor, this processor must be off form processor.  In this case, we support Paypal WPS.


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