Field Options

Quickly control how a field displays and interacts with the submitter by selecting from the available field options. To trigger the field options, select the Field you'd like to edit (as shown below):

Required - A field that must be completed for the form to be submitted.

Hidden - A field that does not appear to the form submitter.

Read-Only - A field that can only be seen and not changed.

Hide Label - Conceals the name of the field from the submitter.

Unique - Only allows an option to be selected once by all submitters.  * Can disable a form once all available options are gone if the field is required.

Supporting Text - Verbiage that appears just below the field to help submitters complete the field.

Placeholder - Text placed in the field before it is completed.

Format - Used for number field to select the decimal place and slider option.

Currency - Used to select the currency of number field.

Minimum Value - Least amount that can be entered in a number field.

Maximum Value - Highest amount that can be entered in a number field.

Default Value - Initial value entered on a field.

Field Size - Number of characters/rows that can field can have.

Field Label - Name of the field.  All fields must have a field label. 

If you'd like to submit a feature request to add or improve any our Field Options, please submit your request via ​

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