Account Limits

Formstack Plans have different limits you should be aware of. These include limits to how many Forms, Themes, Submissions, and Users an account has access to. This support resource will explain how each limit works and how to resolve each one. To get a quick snapshot of your account status, visit the Status page on your Admin account.


Each account has a limit to how many forms users can create. Once your account hits this limit forms can no longer be created. Forms in the 'Archived' folder count toward this limit.


How to Resolve:

• Delete forms to make room for new forms you'd like to create

• Reuse forms you don't use any longer

• Upgrade to the next plan level to gain more forms




Submissions are counted per Form.  For example, if you are on the Starter plan, this will allow for 1,000 Submissions to be stored in that form's database at any given moment.

If you do get close to your limit, you will receive an email notification warning you that you are approaching your submission limit and you will receive another warning email once you hit that limit. You'll also see an alert on your Formstack dashboard.

Any submissions sent in after you exceed your submission limit will not be lost, rather they will be emailed to you instead of being stored in the Formstack database and integrations will continue to run when the form is submitted.


How to Resolve:

• Delete submissions from the affected form to make room for more

• Upgrade to the next plan level to increase the form's submission capacity


Each account has a limit to the number of custom themes that can be created. This does not include the stock themes that come with your Formstack account.

Once you hit your theme limit you will not be able to create a new theme or copy an existing theme. 

How to Resolve:

• Delete a theme that's no longer in use

• Upgrade to the next plan level to increase the number of themes you can create



Each account entitles you to a certain number of users. Users can build, manage, and update forms and submissions in your account.

Once you hit the user limit you will not be able to add more users to your account.


How to Resolve:

• Bronze, Starter or Teams plans: Upgrade to the next plan level to increase the number of users

• Certain plans will have the ability to purchase users on an a la carte basis. Please contact your sales representative for more details.


File Upload Storage

Formstack accounts have a limit to a number of file uploads collected in submissions. 

Once you reach the data storage limit, the upload prompt will be disabled on the Form. You will receive an email from us when you are nearing the limit.


How to Resolve:

• Delete submissions with existing file uploads from the Submission tab of your forms

• Use one of our file upload integrations (Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, AWS) to collect file uploads off-site and expand your storage.

• Upgrade to the next plan level to increase available file upload storage

Note: Deleting submissions will only soft-delete the data so it will stay on your account for 7 days and will not free up space immediately. If in need of space quickly, please contact support to hard-delete the submissions to free up space right away.

When contacting support for hard deletions please provide a copy of the links to the forms where the submissions were deleted. Below are instructions on how to identify the information that support will need to accommodate your request. 

1. From your Dashboard click on the necessary form

2. Click  Settings in the top right corner

3. Copy the form URL to provide to support

*This should be done for each submission you wish to have hard deleted


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