Supporting Text & Callouts

Supporting text is text that appears under a form field to explain how to fill out that field.​Screenshot_2019-05-21_15.58.46.png

In the image above, the text "Your receipt will be sent to this address" is supporting text.

A callout is supporting text that only shows up when a form field is highlighted.  Here's an example:Screenshot_2019-05-21_15.58.26.png

To change the supporting text for a field, edit that field by clicking on it and then fill out the "supporting text" field.



To make this text a callout, click the "Use Callout" checkbox.


Note: Callouts will not work with select lists, radio buttons, checkboxes, or file upload fields.  The reason for this is that the supporting text is there to help people with their form input.  With those particular fields, they won't see the callout until they've already made a choice, and by then, it will be too late.

Additionally, Callouts will...

  • Only trigger once per radio or checkbox click (meaning clicking another option will not launch the callout again)
  • Be removed from a radio or checkbox when another field input is focused (entering into a text field, for example)
  • NOT be removed from a radio or checkbox when the document is clicked (or anything other than focusing on a new field)


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