Use Hidden Fields for Admin Purposes

This article will show you how to use hidden fields on your form to provide an area for admin users to add notes and additional information to submissions that you receive through a form. This is great for applications and event registrations.

Add Hidden Fields to Your Form

You'll first need to add a place on your form where you'll add the notes and information to the submissions. This will be in the form of hidden fields on the form you send out to your clients. Because they're hidden, they won't be visible to your submitters, but will be visible to you when you go in and edit the submission data.


To make a field on your form hidden, click on the field, and then check the 'Hidden' box in the field options.


Note: Do not make these fields required.


View and Edit a Submission

Once you've received a submission, click on it to view the data. You'll see all of the data submitted, but you won't see the hidden fields yet because those fields do not currently have any data in them.


Click the 'Edit' button in the submission view and this will display the empty, hidden fields in the submission. Add the notes you need to make to the submission, then save your work.


The notes you added will now be part of the submission data and can be exported along with the rest of the collected information.



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