FAQs: Google Integrations (Calendar, Sheets, & Drive)

1. Is there any way to add an integration and run it on previous submissions? 

A: Yes. Add the Google integration and then go to the Submission database. You can click on an individual submission and run the integration via the puzzle piece icon inside that submission. Or, you can send all (or selected) submissions to the integration from the main submission database via the dropdown options in the bottom left corner.


2. If you edit the Google sheet, will the changes push back to Formstack or does it only go one way?

A: Any time you edit a Google Sheet, you will need to go into the integration settings in Formstack and refresh your sheets via the green refresh arrows in order for the data to sync and send properly.


3. Can attachment links be sent to a Google sheet?

A: Yes, you will just need to map that field from your form to a field on your sheet and the file upload URL will be included in that cell in the sheet and accessible by clicking on the link in the sheet.


4. Is there a way to show a list of options from a Google sheet on the forms?

A: At this time it is not possible to pre-populate fields on a Form or pull data from a 3rd party database with any tools we offer. 

You could potentially build this yourself or with the help of a developer if you host the form on your own server via the Advanced HTML embed code. But, that is something you will need to completely develop on your own as it is outside of our supported functionality. Here is a link to our developer tools in case you are interested:


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