The Folders tool is a convenient way to store and organize your Forms.  With this tool, you can create any number of folders with meaningful names to help you and your fellow account users group and locate Forms.  

Important Note:  The Folders tool is not available to users accessing the app with Internet Explorer 6. Users with this browser will need to upgrade to a more current version of Internet Explorer or use an alternate browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome.

Folder structure and access

All Users under an account will share the same folder structure set by the account Admins.  Users with Admin access can view all Forms and folders and have the ability to create, edit, delete and move Forms into folders.

Non-administrative users or users with restricted permission will not be able to create or edit folders and can only view folders containing Forms included in their permissions.

Creating a new Folder

To create a new folder, Click on the "Create New folder" button in the lower-left portion of the screen.


 A "New Folder" popup will appear where you can insert a folder title and hit "Save Folder" once complete to create the folder. 

 Moving Forms into Folders

After the folder has been created it will be empty.  Clicking the "Create New Form" option will allow you to build a new Form within this folder.

To move existing Forms into folders, click the "Uncategorized" button in the upper-left portion of the page.  Place a checkmark to the left of each Form you would like moved or use the check-all box at the top of the page.  Mouse over "move to" and select your folder.  

Quick tip: You can create a new folder and move Forms into the folder in one step by checking off the Forms you would like to group, mouseover "move to" and click "New Folder".  Give the folder a title and click "Save"!


Editing & Deleting Folders

To edit a folder, go to the "Folder Settings" tab in the upper-right corner of the Folder area


In the Folder Settings, you can edit the Folder Name, add a Subfolder, Set User Access, and Delete a Folder.

To Delete a Folder, click the "Delete this Folder" option.  If you are deleting a folder containing forms, those forms will not be deleted, rather they will be moved to the Uncategorized page.

To create a Subfolder, click on the "Add a Subfolder" tab and you will be brought into the Subfolder interface to set a Subfolder Name and select the appropriate settings.


Folders FAQs:

Q: Does everyone on our account share the same folder views?

A: Yes.  All users on the account will share the same folder view and structure, set up by the account admins.


Q: Can I create my own custom folder views?

A: No.  Currently, there is not a way to set up individualized views; folder views are shared by all account users.


Q: If I delete a folder, what happens to the Forms in that folder?

A: These Forms will be moved to the Uncategorized page.  You can leave these Forms in Uncategorized pages or you can move them into folders.


Q: One of our users cannot see certain folders, why is that?

A: Non-admin users will only be able to view folders if the folder contains a Form that is included in their permissions.  


Q: If a user has access to one Form in a folder, will they see the Forms that they do not have access to?

A: No.  The user will be able to view the folder and the permitted Form within the folder, but they will not have access to any other Forms unless you grant permission.


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