Password Protecting Your Form

You can password protect your forms if you would like to prevent just anyone from accessing them. Only those with the password you set will be able to view, fill out, and submit the form. To do this go to Settings > Security > Choose 'Password' from the 'Form Password' dropdown.




Enter your password into the popup window that appears, then confirm the password.



Once you've enabled a password, a user will be prompted to enter it before they can access your form.




If an individual enters the correct password, they will be taken to the form. If they enter the wrong password, they will see this message:



Please note:

  • The password is universal across the entire form for all individuals
  • The password can be changed at any time voiding the previous password
  • The password is case-sensitive
  • Make sure you don't accidentally add a space in the password that is not intended to be there - it will be required
  • You cannot disable the hosted form and password protect your form.


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