Confirmation Page Plugin

The Confirmation Page plugin displays at the end of your form and allows your end users to review the data they are about to submit.  From the Confirmation Page, end users can review all answers and go back and make changes before submitting or continue with the submission.

To add a Confirmation Page to your form, go into the Settings tab > Plugins and click the "Add" button next to "Confirmation Page" in the Utilities category.  



You can then build your Confirmation Page by clicking on field name variables below the message body to insert them into the message/page. 


 When your end-users fill out a form, the data entered (or in the case above, the total calculated based on their selections) will be merged automatically into the spot on the Confirmation Page where the variable was as below:


Note: The entered data will not be saved/submitted to your database until end-users click the Submit Button. 

External URLs 

You can also redirect form users to an external URL of your choosing. To do this, follow these steps: 

1) Go to Settings > Emails & Actions.

2) Click on "Edit" by the Submission Message.

3) Choose "Redirect to an external URL".

Then, paste in the URL you'd like to redirect to. This can be to another Formstack form, or an external site. To pass submitted form data through the URL, check the "Append Submitted Data to URL" option under the URL. If you are redirecting to a Formstack form, all of the fields with the same field names as contained in the first form will be pre-populated with the previously submitted data when the user is redirected to the second form.

Learn more about redirecting to other URLs here.

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