Stripe: Commonly Returned Errors

Below is a list of common errors experienced between Formstack Forms and the Stripe integration.  Here you can reference frequently encountered errors and the suggested corrective action.  Some errors are dependent on your form so additional troubleshooting may be necessary.


1. Error processing payment: Invalid positive integer

  • This error occurs when $0.00 is being sent to Stripe.  If you are using a Total field, check your calculation and make sure this field is being populated with an amount greater than $0.00.  If there is a free option, you will need to add Routing Logic to the Stripe redirect in Settings > Emails & Redirects > After the Form is Submitted.  The Routing Logic would be similar to "Total greater than 0."

  • In Settings > Stripe, confirm the Price and Quantity are mapped to a field.  If you are using a Total field, you will just need to map the Price field.


2. Error processing payment: Invalid Card Number

  • In Settings > Stripe,  confirm all Required Fields are mapped to the correct Formstack fields including Price and all Credit Card fields.

  • This error is common when using multiple payment methods on a form such as Credit Card, Check, or Cash.  The data will only need to be sent to Stripe when Credit Card is selected.  In Settings > Emails & Redirects > After the Form is Submitted > Stripe, add Routing Logic similar to "Payment Method is Credit Card."

  • Due to the updates with the Stripe integration, starting 10/29/15, in addition to the Routing Logic in the Submit Action, if there is no credit card information being sent, the Credit Card field will need to be hidden by Conditional Logic. Check out our Conditional Logic Support Doc for extra guidance on adding the logic to the field.



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