Integration Credential Settings

We've recently changed the way our Forms interact with Integrations (such as Box.Net) that follow an implementation of the OAuth2 standard connection.  Previously, when a new Authentication token (used to allow Forms to access the integrations Account) was created, the previous token would be destroyed preventing the use of a Box Account on multiple Forms as authenticating the second Form would invalidate the credentials on the first Form.

We have since upgraded our login storage for Box which now enables a better experience for Customers using Box across multiple Forms. To check out the new Integration Credential Settings, add the Box.Net integration to your Forms and check out our new system!


Accessing the Credential Settings

To view the Credential settings, you will first need to have an OAuth2 Integration enabled on your Form(s), such as Box.  Next, click on My Account (upper-right corner) > Credentials and you will be redirected to the Integration Credentials settings page for the Account.

 Once in the Integration Credentials menu, Account Admin Users will be able to see all Credentials associated with the Account as well as see which Forms are using those Credentials in the event that anything needs to be changed. Additionally, you can delete existing Credentials or edit them as needed by clicking the Delete/Edit options.




When editing a Credential, you can change the title of the Credential, which currently defaults to the Email Address used to log into the Box Account.  Additionally, you can edit User or Group Permissions associated with the Credentials.  Group Access options are only available on select Accounts. 






Credential Settings FAQs 

1. How will I (or customers) start using Account Credentials?

 A: If you're already using Box, you will need to re-authenticate any and all Forms using this integration. Once a set of Account credentials is created, any attempts to re-authenticate using the same credentials will give access to the existing credentials.


2. What happens if I do not already have access to Credentials and try to authenticate with existing Credentials?

A: In this case, you will be given access to those Credentials at the lowest possible permission level (Use + Edit at the moment), however, the Account Admin can revoke this access if needed.


3. What happens if two users on different Formstack Accounts try to use the same Box credentials?

A: One set of Box credentials will be de-authenticated. We currently do not allow two separate Formstack accounts to access the exact same database record for security purposes.


4. Will other integrations be moved to this Account-level Storage? 

A: Yes. We do not have a timeline on these releases just yet, however, the goal of this feature is for every integration to be stored in this manner. This will help improve the handling of other OAuth 2 Integrations such as WePay and also make it easier to update Credentials across all Forms when some portion of the integration settings has changed.



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