Pardot Integration

With Formstack's Pardot integration, you can pass form data to your Pardot form handlers for easy data management. Submitted form data will route to the appropriate form handler in your Pardot account. The Pardot integration is only available for Gold plans and higher.


To get started, create a new form or open an existing one and go to Settings > Integrations > CRM and select add next to Salesforce Pardot. Additionally, you can use the Search Bar to quickly find it. The integration will be added underneath the Integrations tab where you can begin the setup.



Once the integration is added, the Pardot Account Number (piAId) will need to be inserted. To find the Account Number (piAId), log into Pardot > Marketing > Campaigns > open any Campaign and select View Tracking Code. 


Select 'Create New Form Handler' to begin linking Formstack to your Pardot Form Handlers. By clicking 'Create New Form Handler', you will be prompt to add a Handler Name and URL. We recommend the Handler Name to match what is currently listed in Pardot but you can use something different if preferred. The URL will need to be pulled from the Pardot Form Handler URL. To locate the URL, log into your Pardot account > go to Marketing > Forms > Form Handler. The URL will be next to the Form Handler name that you wish to pass the data from through the integration. Also, make sure to grab the URL instead of the Endpoint URL.


For forms with Conditional Logic, you can set logic on the Form Handlers to only send the data when a condition is met. If this option is missing, it means that logic has not been added to a field in the Build tab. Pardot Logic will work the same as Conditional Logic. It can be based on a Radio Button, Number, Checkbox, and Dropdown List field and gives the option of IS or IS NOT. If logic is not being used on the Form Handlers, the data will be passed to the first handler in the Form Handler Dropdown list. The data will only be passed to one form handler per submission.


To begin mapping fields, the External Field Names need to be added with one field per line. These can be found in your Pardot account by going to Marketing > Forms > Form Handlers and opening the correct Handler. Make sure to use the External Field Names instead of the Default Field. The spelling will need to match in order to pass the data.


After clicking Add, you can begin mapping your Formstack fields to Pardot fields. You will have the option to select Field to map a single field or Value to send over multiple fields by clicking on the field label next to Insert Fields. If the fields are set to Required in Pardot, they will need to be added into the integration and mapped to a Formstack field.

Then, turn the integration On and submission data will pass to your form handlers upon submission. If you have any questions, reach out to




• You'll also want to make sure your handler URLs are HTTPS to make sure they work properly.

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